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Spiritual Guidance

Many people traverse their life without knowing what their true purpose is.  They know something is missing but they just don’t know what it is.  Spiritual Coaching helps you to discover why you are on earth, who you are and what will light your soul with passion.

We delve into and challenge your core beliefs which assists you to establish new healthy beliefs that bring you happiness and greater understanding.

To find what has been missing you have to look inside yourself, you were born with numerous gifts that you were taught to dismiss.  That is what you have been looking for all this time.  Once you assess who you are your whole life will change for the better.

Every person is born with special abilities that have been labelled psychic or ESP.  A psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information that is hidden from the ordinary senses. There are numerous psychic gift’s ranging from telekinesis to mediumship.  Research has shown that there are four major gifts that psychic’s engage with; they are referred to as the Clair’s.  Most people are naturally strongest in one or more Clair, but the other Clair’s can be developed and strengthened.  Unfortunately most people have been taught to fear their innate gifts, these gifts complete a person.

Unlocking your Abilities

Gaining access to repressed information may not be as simple as it sounds but it is achievable. From a life coaching point of view the clients goals with regards to their abilities must first be established, to ensure they know specifically what they are working towards and what it will look and feel like to them when they have realised their goals of unlocking their abilities.

Past life regression is a valuable unlocking tool. The regression allows a client to be guided through their past lives.  First they are assisted in working through any past life issues that they are repressing.  Once past lives that relate to psychic and intuitive abilities have been resolved.  The client will be brought into their present incarnation to locate the first time they repressed their abilities.  It is vital to find the first memory a client has of repressing their abilities because a belief was created at that moment and then the mind sets about proving the validity of this view.  Every time a similar circumstance occurs the mind validated it saying “this belief is true”.  While in a hypnositic state, the client can be given positive reinforcement and prompts that will allow these memories to be release either in the session or through dreams.  Consider that everything a person has heard, felt, smelt or seen is stored in the subconscious and can be accessed with hypnosis.

The next step is to discover what the client’s schema/core belief and self-limiting belief structures are with regards to their abilities.  Understanding what a client has been taught about psychic abilities is key to understanding and changing their belief systems.  Kinesiology muscle testing is a wonderful way of determining the extent and depth of the belief as well as been used as a monitor for how the client is responding to treatment.

Treatment to release these blocks can take place using Meridian Psychology in combination with Cognitive Behavioural therapy.  In this way, both the physical and mental blockages can be released using tapping with a modifying statement that is precisely designed for the issue that is causing the block.  CBT techniques can then be used to observe firstly, the thoughts and behaviours linked to their presenting issue. Clients are asked to keep a diary of these thoughts.  Once the client and therapist have a clear picture of the thoughts and behaviours, positive statements, balancing statements and affirmations are given to the client.  These will begin to correct the client’s negative thinking and behaviours.

The Spiritual Coach offers the following:

-Tarot card
-Angel cards
-Reading crystals
-Cross over and psychic reading
-Crystal therapy
-Aura clearing
-House clearing
-Business clearing
-Exorcism and Curse Breaking (taught to the specialist by an ex-nun)
-Angel healing
-Past Life regression & between Life work
-Life Coaching
-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



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