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At the IE Group, we practise a variety of meditation techniques from Primordial Sound Meditation, TM, Zen, open-eye meditation, guided meditations by Deepak Chopra and Davidji as well as open-eye and mindfulness meditation techniques.

An effective meditation technique needs to be simple, comfortable and produce the results that make you want to make it part of your daily experience.  The key is consistency – making time every day to be quiet, breathe and connect with the self.

 What are the benefits of meditating?

Studies prove meditating leads to higher work efficiency, reduction in stress and greater health benefits.

Many successful leaders around the world including Oprah Winfrey and Ray Dalio CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund are sponsoring employees and or participating in 40 minutes of meditation a day.  Why? Because Meditation produces big benefits! Today meditation is regarded as the ultimate workout leading to a higher work rate efficiency, reduction in stress and numerous health benefits.

Why a stressed out mind can’t function

We all know about the flight or fight response.  When we are stressed, our prefrontal cortex stops working to direct energy to vital parts of the body to “fight or run away”  This was essential for our survival in pre-historic days.  Unfortunately, our neural circuitry of fear has not evolved in the modern brain and our primitive response to threats can immobilize our thinking or executive brain.

Studying the effect of meditation at work

Meditation practice has been scientifically proven to reduce the intensity and duration of the flight or fight syndrome described above. One significant study, for instance, looked at the effect of Meditation practice on employees of both a large manufacturing plant of a Fortune 100 corporation, and a small distribution sales company.  In both settings, after 3 months regular meditators had improved significantly on measures of:

-employee effectiveness;
-job satisfaction;
-professional and personal relationships;
-physiological calmness and stability during mental task performance (measured by skin conductance levels);
-status of general health.

Regular meditators also reported decreased:

-job tension;
-insomnia and fatigue;
-cigarette and alcohol use.

Employees who practiced Meditation scored significantly higher on Leadership Practice Inventory than controls. Leadership Practice Inventory measures important elements of leadership thinking like

-role modelling.
-Greater work effectiveness;
-Increased energy for activities at work and home;
-greater comfort taking initiative and increased calmness in stressful situations.

And a recent study with a Volvo managerial team in Sweden also suggested that the psychological changes accompanying meditation practice could enhance decision-making skills while also improving the ability to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Meditation has real health benefits

Meditation is not a reclusive activity leading to complete withdrawal from the ’marketplace of life’.  Quite the opposite in fact.  To anyone even slightly informed about the effects of meditation, the question posed above would be little more than rhetorical. It has been shown in rigorous scientific research that Meditation reduces physical and emotional stress, sharpens creativity and increases cognitive skills. Both human relations and decision making flourish.

Meditation leads to greater calmness, clarity of vision and innate wisdom — the true basis of success

Meditation provides deep relaxation and rest for the body and mind and

-balances nervous system activation,
-balances hormonal levels and
-increases brain coherence
-Reduces blood pressure
-Slows heart rate
-Reduces depression, anxiety and over-sensitivity

 Bring down your level of stress

Whatever the source of excessive stress in your life, it is simply not good for your health.  You cannot always change your outer circumstances and control what happens to you, however, you can significantly increase your inner resilience to stress and counteract its negative impact by regularly practicing a Meditation technique.

Everyone can learn to meditate and gain the enormous emotional, psychological and health benefits easily and naturally.


Gail Cameron


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