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Body and Lifestyle Coaching

The IE Group offers Body and Lifestyle Coaching for executives that enhance awareness of personal fitness and health.

One on one training takes place at the IE Group’s gym in Ferndale that focuses on functional training. Clients are taken through a fitness programme designed around their needs. In addition, nutritional advice and tips are offered to assist with eating habits and to make one more aware of good nutrition.

The gym facilities are situated in a peaceful surrounding with shower facilities for the clients convenience. These sessions are offered as part of a development programme for executives, alternatively the sessions can be optioned in isolation of a development package at the client’s discretion. Sessions are paid for individually and a client may opt to pay for a package of sessions. (See below)

The gym facilities feature a selection of cardio equipment and weights to incorporate anaerobic and aerobic training. The gym is private and only accommodates one session at a time. Sessions are booked at the client’s availability on a first come first serve basis.

Training packages and nutritional advice are provided to clients whether they are looking to lose weight, improve fitness, increase strength or enhance self-esteem and everyday physical ability.


Ewen Cameron

Treatment Process

  • 1 Hour Session

Complete Price Packages

Treatment Discount Pricing
1 x session R 600
5 x sessions R2 500
10 x session R 4 500

Treatment Booking Hours

Monday- Friday 5:00am - 8:00pm Book Now

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